Big Firm Lawyer.

Small Firm Approach.

Richard Hoeg has seen it all, working for more than a decade at Michigan's largest law firms. ​ Now, he brings that experience and knowledge to the small firm, where he can give the personal care and attention to detail that every client deserves. No matter their size.

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Business Law

From the Largest Investment Fund to the Smallest Student Start-up, Hoeg Law has you Covered

We know what it’s like to start and run a business, both because we’ve represented them for more than a decade and because we’ve done it ourselves. Whether you’re looking to form your first corporation, finalizing the details of that multi-million dollar acquisition, or anything in between, Hoeg Law has the experience and the understanding to help.

We also know that the high rates and inflexible fee models offered by larger law firms are not always appropriate for everyone or for every transaction. That’s why we’ve endeavored to keep our overhead low and our billing methods agile – to provide you with the advice you need at a price you can afford, all while delivering the highest level of legal representation.

Big Firm Knowledge. Small Firm Fees. Hoeg Law.

Experienced, Connected Counsel

A Decade of Experience, Legal Expertise, and Connections, all in One, Accessible Place

We know that you have lots of options when selecting your legal representation, and that many small firms tout experience and professionalism despite their size.  Few can say what we can, however – that our firm was formed by a full partner at one of the largest and most prestigious business law firms in Michigan, that he graduated in the top 5 of his class from the world-renowned University of Michigan Law School, and that he literally helped write the book on Michigan corporations law while working each day to serve on the cutting edge of his client’s organizational, financing, software, and technological legal needs.

Even better, while operating Hoeg Law, Richard has continued his relationship as affiliate counsel to his former partners at Michigan’s largest and most prestigious business law firm, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn, giving his clients access to top notch referrals in all areas of business expertise, areas in which knowing the right person to call can make all the difference.

Big Firm Experience. Small Firm Approach. Hoeg law.

A Small Firm for Big Small Town

Leaders and Best

Over the years, we have seen first hand how many prospective clients can be put off by the high overhead, high fee structure approach employed by the country’s biggest law firms.  Over those same years, we have seen how a failure to get good (or any) legal counsel can result in significant organizational and contractual deficiencies which can cost a massive amount to correct when it comes time to operate, finance, or even sell a company.  Hoeg Law was founded as a solution to that problem, offering top notch legal services at a price anyone and everyone can afford, right from the start.

​One of the hotbeds for new and growing companies in the entire United States, Southeast Michigan is home to the automotive industry, the University of Michigan, and multitudes of software, technology, and biopharmaceutical companies, as well as every other business one can imagine.  Richard Hoeg has lived or worked here for his entire adult life, and is proud to call it the home of Hoeg Law.

Big City Results.  Small Town Atmosphere.  Hoeg Law.

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Did You Know?

Your Start-Up

​Hoeg Law’s “Start Up Your Start-Up” program allows start-up clients to pay a flat fee to form a MI or DE entity at a substantial discount to our already low rates.


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