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What You Should Know Before Hiring an Attorney

Hiring a lawyer can be a scary process, and quite intimidating if you’re not sure how to go about doing so. When you’re hiring a lawyer, whether it’s a business attorney or a criminal defense attorney, you’re essentially entering into an agreement with a lawyer. They are representing you and advocating for you, essentially being your legal voice. With that being said, you’ll want to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting into, and that you’re hiring the best possible lawyer for your case.

Let’s look into some of the things you should know before hiring (and especially before paying) a lawyer. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to handle your part of the subsequent proceedings.

1. The Pay Structure

Not every attorney adheres to the same payment structure. Some lawyers expect more money upfront, while some expect less. Sometimes, what you may do is dependent on the types of services that you seek. If you’re hiring a business attorney, you’ll typically be expected to pay a flat fee upfront. This will cover the out-of-pocket expenses when taking on the case. However, you should ask to hold back 10% to 20%, just in case the lawyer doesn’t do the job you expected.

2. The Services Offered

Some lawyers offer more services than others, and you can typically get a good idea of how much the lawyer you’re working with is offering through an initial consultation. Your business attorney may, for example, specialize in specific types of business dealings. Don’t assume that because you’re paying for their services, they can execute every task you require.

3. The Attorney’s Reputation

Just because someone is a qualified attorney doesn’t mean that they’re the right attorney for your case. Some lawyers have more specific qualifications than others, and you’ll want to make sure that you know everything about your potential lawyer’s reputation before signing on with them.

4. The Platform You’ve Found Them Through

Most people do not find lawyers in a vacuum. Typically, you’ll shop around before choosing an attorney, and many lawyers advertise on specific websites and platforms. Make sure that you only look for attorneys through reputable platforms, which require certain accreditations from lawyers before advertising them.

Hiring a lawyer is a big commitment; make sure you’re hiring the right one. Contact us today for your law needs.