In starting Hoeg Law, one of our goals was to provide legal services to underserved clients who were unable or unwilling to pay into the flat rate “billable hour” system used by most legal counsel.  Additionally, we wanted to provide clients with a service where they could call up their legal representation for even the smallest reason without feeling like the “meter” was running at all times.  Finally, we wanted to offer clients a service which would have the attributes and cost certainty associated with fixed fee arrangements.

“GC-in-a-box” is that service.

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What is GC-in-a-Box?

GC-in-a-box (or “General Counsel-in-a-box”) is Hoeg Law’s innovative program to allow clients to treat our law firm as their own personal in-house counsel, which just so happens to be “outside”. “GC-in-a-box” clients pay a flat set amount to the firm every month in exchange for the right to receive a set number of hours of our attorneys’ time and attention.  Such amount will always be significantly lower than what a client would have paid at the firm’s standard hourly rates for the same amount of time.


What kind of commitment is required?

All “GC-in-a-box” contracts will be different, but none will have a commitment period of less than three months.  If you only need our services for one month, “GC-in-a box” is probably not right for you.


What kind of discount will I receive?

Again, all “GC-in-a-box” contracts are different, but clients should expect to receive a value equal to at least a 25% discount over the firm’s then standard hourly rates.

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What happens if I go “over”?

If, as a “GC-in-a-box” client, you use more than the number of hours you’ve otherwise contracted for, you will simply be charged on your next invoice for the extra services provided at the firm’s then applicable hourly rates. There are no penalties, overage charges, or other surprises.

In addition, if in the month you “go over” you determine that your legal needs actually exceed what you originally anticipated, you may be given the opportunity to increase your “GC-in-a-box” fee to cover your overage in exchange for at least a three month commitment at the higher “GC-in-a-box” price, subject to both you and we agreeing to the new arrangement.

In short, think of “GC-in-a-box” like a cell phone contract for legal services.  You get a set amount of minutes (hours) each month, but may be able to change your “plan” even after an overage in exchange for a new three month commitment.

What happens if I don’t use all of the time I contracted for?

Nothing, like in the previously mentioned cell phone contract example, the original amount is still due and payable.  The amount owed under a “GC-in-a-box” contract is a set “retainer” fee, reserving the firm’s time irrespective of whether legal services are requested or provided.  It is not an “advance payment” or similar arrangement refundable if the services are not otherwise rendered.  If a client does not use all the time it is permitted to use in a given month, that time is simply lost.

Because of that, “GC-in-a-box” clients should feel free to call us up for any reason, regardless of the size of the matter at issue.  In that way, “GC-in-a-box” clients will receive more and better legal services than they otherwise might, and all at a discount to Hoeg Law’s already low hourly rates.


Can Hoeg Law provide me with every legal service that I might need?

No. Most importantly Hoeg Law is not a litigation firm.  If you or your company wind up needing litigation or other dispute resolution services, you will need to retain additional counsel to handle such requirements.  Additionally, there are certain other specialized areas of law (environmental, international tax, etc.) which may require the retention of outside counsel.

What we can do, however, is put you in touch with the experts you need (just like an in-house general counsel would do).  Fortunately, we have extensive legal contacts both in Michigan and around the world, including Michigan’s biggest and most prestigious business law firm, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn, perfect to help you in finding and retaining any such legal representation.


I actually just want to form an entity.  Do I need to use this program to receive discounted rates?

No, you don’t.  As a matter of fact, Hoeg Law offers a separate program solely for clients looking to form entities in Michigan or Delaware at an effective rate that is discounted even from the GC-in-a-box rate expressly for this purpose.  Check out our Corporate Catalyst program to learn more.


Finally, why “in-a-box”?

Largely from the home theater industry (as well as certain other consumer electronics), the “in-a-box” concept is used as shorthand for “this is everything you will need to get up and running”.  In similar fashion, we intend “GC-in-a-box” to be a program where clients can get 95% of their questions answered just as they had hired their own six figure general counsel.


We believe that “GC-in-a-box” is an innovative and potentially transformative way for clients large or small to receive legal services, but every situation and every contract will be different.

If you would like to know more, please contact: 

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