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About The Hoeg Law Firm, PLLC

Our Business Law Firm

The Hoeg Law Firm, PLLC (“Hoeg Law”) was founded in 2016. During this time, Richard Hoeg, refocused his Business Law Firm on what motivated him to pursue his legal career. These motivational factors involved: the businesses, the people, and the clients.

Located in Southeast Michigan, the firm is at the epicenter of Michigan’s technological development, business growth, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

The People and Place

Richard Hoeg has lived and worked in Michigan for his entire career. He went to school, met his wife and raised his family here. That is why we at Hoeg Law feel a deep and abiding connection to the people of Michigan. We are very proud to call it our firm’s home.


With more than a decade of experience working at Michigan’s biggest law firm and for some of the country’s biggest clients, we at Hoeg Law have more experience counseling business clients than many of our much larger competitors. From technology development to venture capital investment and everything in between, if you are running a business, chances are, we can help.

And since we aren’t carrying the overhead of our larger competitors (no international offices or multi-floor skyscraper leases here), we can offer all of that big firm experience at the rates and fees of a much smaller firm.

Awards and Achievements

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Our Mission

Hoeg Law was founded because we believe that the businesses of Michigan and this country can best be served by receiving more and better legal advice, especially at the earliest stages of their endeavors.

We’ve seen too many clients rack up large legal bills (or worse) asking us to clean up mistakes made in their governance, their contracts, their capitalization, and everything else. Mistakes made because of a lack (or lack of competence) of legal assistance.

Seeing this, we decided that the best way to serve our clients and to help the businesses of Michigan in general, was to throw off the overhead that had accrued to the big law firms, provide the same great legal advice that we’d been offering for more than a decade at lesser cost, and perhaps most importantly, simply make sure that we are available for our clients when they need it most.

That is our mission.

Big Firm Lawyer. Small Firm Approach.
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