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Hoeg Law on Youtube (Virtual Legality)

Video games and online gaming have become a major part of our culture over the past several decades, growing into a multi-billion dollar industry spanning the entire globe. As the industry has grown, it has seen a wide range of unprecedented legal concerns and questions come to light. Richard Hoeg of The Hoeg Law Firm, PLLC has years of experience dealing with the legalities and various business related strategies surrounding corporate law and the video game industry. As a lifelong gamer himself, Richard is excited to bring his unique insight into the legal issues facing the industry.

In 2018, Richard started his YouTube channel known as Virtual Legality to analyze and comment on various legal issues, options and strategies in the gaming industry, including some of the largest corporations in the business. Unlike other gaming channels, Richard brings the perspective of an experienced business law attorney, which provides authority to his opinions and commentary regarding gaming legal issues. As an example, one of Richard’s most recent episodes discusses a highly controversial legal issue surrounding violence in video games.

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With over 34,000 active subscribers and approximately three million views and counting, Richard’s content is specifically tailored to a loyal audience of gaming enthusiasts who also have an interest in the legal and business workings of the industry. As the gaming industry continues to grow in popularity as well as revenue, the legal discussions and issues surrounding video games will continue to expand. Richard is looking forward to this growth and being part of this discussion of ever increasing importance.