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How A Business Attorney Protects Your Business

Entrepreneurs and business owners have a lot on the line. Most have invested countless hours of their time and put in tremendous sweat equity to successfully start their companies from scratch. While their self-sufficient and independent attitude may have served them well during the initial stages of their business development, it is ill advised for businesses to attempt to handle the legal aspects of their business themselves.

Business legal matters surrounding things such as the formation of startups, drafting of contracts and establishment of company policies are best handled by an experienced business law attorney. There are several reasons why this is a prudent choice for businesses, namely to ensure that the business is covered as well as possible from any legal or financial liabilities that can occur during the course of operations or as a result of an accident or wrongdoing.

Benefits of Working with Business Lawyer

As mentioned before, there are many reasons why companies should work with experienced business attorneys for their legal matters. One of the biggest legal hurdles for businesses, especially during the startup phase of a new company, is the establishment of a legal entity. On the surface, establishing a legal business seems to be a pretty straightforward process of simply incorporating or creating a limited liability company to operate under through the state’s Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Division. However there is much more involved in establishing a business than simply filing the paperwork.

Defense Against Litigation & Possible Criminal Prosecution

A Michigan CSCL/CD-700 form is shown, with areas to input the contact information of the company to be incorporated under the articles of incorporation.

There is much more required in order for a business to be properly established, including the drafting of bylaws, contracts and more. This involves considerable legal speak and terminology in order to be set up correctly in a manner that actually provides real legal protection for the company. In fact, if a business is not properly licensed with proper legal documentation in place, your business is open to unnecessary risks such as litigation, or in extreme cases, the business owner could face criminal charges and require legal representation in criminal court. In short, having a business attorney handle the legal side of your business can protect you against potential liability.

In addition to this, business lawyers are also exceptionally useful in the drafting of business contracts. This includes contracts involving the hiring of employees, as well as other agreements between separate business entities, intellectual property licenses and joint ventures. Properly written contracts are vital to ensure that the interests of a business are secure, including shielding them from unnecessary liability. While premade form style contracts are available, they do not come close to a custom tailored contract in terms of their scope. It is because of this that a skilled business attorney is critical for businesses looking to ensure they are protected against any legal concerns down the road.

Another key benefit of a business attorney is their ability to assist in the establishment of company policy. Company policies are created to ensure smooth business operations, as well as rules and procedures for handling different situations that may come up. While this may seem pretty straightforward, it is important to take into account the various legal aspects of these policies. A business attorney is intimately familiar with the legal side of this, and can write policies in a manner that best protects the interests of the company.