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When Do You Need a Small Business Attorney?

small business attorney

Running your own business is a matter of strategic planning and good management. One thing you may be wondering about whether you need to incorporate is a small business attorney. Read on to see four instances in which you will need a small business attorney to help keep your business running as it should.

When You Get Sued

In the daily running of a business, clients or employees may sue you for one reason or another. These reasons range from discrimination, a hostile environment, or even injuries suffered while on your premises. When something like this happens, it’s important to approach a small business attorney to guide you on how to proceed so you can protect your assets and reputation, and suffer minimal loss.

For Environmental Issues

This mostly applies to businesses with a physical location, but depending on the specific circumstances, even those without may be implicated. If something concerning the environment happens and your company is involved, it’s good to let your small business attorney know. Even if your business did not directly cause the issue, you may still be penalized, so seek assistance in this case.

When Selling or Buying Assets

When you decide to sell your company or its assets in part or in whole, it’s good to involve a small business attorney. The same is true for when you want to acquire another company or its assets. To make sure you navigate the process successfully, it’s good to involve a small business attorney from the initial stages to the very end, for a successful process.

When Complaints Are Filed Against You

Your company may receive complaints from federal, state, or even local government entities. They may do so when they launch an investigation of your company due to violating certain laws. Regardless of whether the charges leveled against you are severe or not, it’s good to get help. To make sure you don’t take actions that will work against you, you should talk to a small business attorney the moment you become aware of the issue.

Some parts of running a business are easy enough to do on your own. For more technical issues like the four outlined above, you’re better off involving a qualified small business attorney. An estimate was made by a recent USSBA report placing the share held by small businesses at 44%. Small businesses clearly account for a good part of America’s economy as well as a large number of potential corporate business clients. It’s therefore easy to get good representation as a small business owner if you need it.